• 01-11-2019

5s Framework @ Paragon

Kaizen 5s Framework @ PARAGON

Seiri – Sort (Tidiness)
Seiton – Set in order (Orderly Manner)
Seiso – Shine (Cleanliness)
Seiketsu – Standardise (Standardise clean up)
Shitsuke – Sustain (Discipline)

Over here at Minh Hung Long Co, Ltd. – Paragon®, we adopt the kaizen 5s framework throughout the entire organisation, from our manufacturing facility to our offices in the region, and it has benefitted the company tremendously by an increased in productivity, reduced workplace accidents, reduction in waste produced and a more contended workforce.

The road that leads up to this framework, is a collective effort from all employees in the company. It gets inputs from every individual on how to make their work place safer and efficient. Instead of a top-down approach that is usually practiced in most companies. At Paragon®, we take everyone’s input and ideas seriously, as we want to create a cohesive and engaging environment for individuals at work.

This framework allows our employees to experience a sense of belonging in the company and it allows them to understand the importance of the task that is assigned to them.

At Paragon®, our managers are constantly checking in on staff under their care to ensure that they are coping well with the tasks on hand. If any individual is facing any difficulties, they would work out a plan to solve the issues at hand together.


Kaizen 5s Framework is a subset of the term ‘Lean Manufacturing’. Kaizen 5s is essentially a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement on work practices and etc. Therefore, the 5s framework is constantly evolving and modify to ensure its appropriateness for the workplace.

Below is a eakdown on 5s framework, and how it enables us to achieved a safer and productive workplace for all employees.


To remove all unnecessary items that hinders the process of getting work done.
Keep only essential item that are relevant to complete the work
Involves going through the entire workspace to check which are necessary

Set in order

Ensure items are organised and labelled accordingly
To set up designated area for each and every equipment
Organise items in a systematic system, so that individuals are able to complete their task in an efficient and timely manner
Involves putting items in an ergonomic position, individuals will not have to make unnecessary movements when completing their task


A collective effort to keep workplace in and clean and orderly manner
To ensure that it is optimised for individuals to focus on work
A less cluttered area, leads to improve productivity as it reduces distraction


Involves creating a list of standards for organisation to follow
Ensure that all work processes conform to standardisation too
Schedules, Charts, Lists and etc.


Ensure that the framework is adopted by everyone in the organisation
Develop a sense of selfdiscipline amongst employees

Great things are done by a series of small things ought together – Vincent Van Gough

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