• 20-12-2019

Benefits of installing sensors for lights

With LED getting more prevalent since the beginning of the millennium, it’s numerous benefits and efficiency has been well documented and advertised. LED lights are far more superior compared to its older alternatives such as incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs.

The benefits are numerous when switching from old and inefficient lighting system to LED, but it doesn’t stop there, we are able to further reduce the operating costs by incorporating sensors to LED light fixtures. With sensors, we are able to increase the benefits and efficiency of LED lighting, and it goes beyond greater energy savings.

We will take a look at the different sensors available, on its operation and some of the benefits it can ing to consumers or businesses.

The Principles of Lighting Control System

In general, lighting control system utilizes two types of detection:

Motion Detection – If the room is occupied or empty

Ambient Light – Measure the amount of light coming into the room

These sensors will detect for any movement/presence of living beings or the amount of light that is present in the room. The sensors will gauge the conditions, and adjust light output accordingly, to turn it up to full ightness, dim the lights or switching if off completely.

Motion Sensor

As its name indicates, this sensor will detect for any motion within the operating radius.

Paragon Microwave Motion Sensor, projects microwaves within its operating range, and the emitted waves bounces off surfaces and return to the sensor, in return the sensor will detect for a change in waveform and check if there are any movement in the area, and all this are done in less than a microsecond.

A motion sensor will use a baseline room analysis to detect is current distance from stationary objects within its detection range, after which it will return back to a ‘normal’ state. When a person enters the detection zone, this will interrupt the microwave signal and therefore will alter the echo time received by the motion detector. This will be perceived by the motion detector as a change in distance from a stationary object and will therefore cause the motion detector to trigger a signal to turn on the lights.

Microwave sensors are sensitive to movement and are ideal for large spaces and areas where motion sensing is required.

Ambient Light Sensor

Utilizes infrared to filter out light spectrum from the surrounding, infrared increases the ability to differentiate the type of light present, to prevent false detection in powering up light unnecessarily.

As such, surrounding weather such as a sunny or cloudy day, will not have much interference with operations of sensor and light.

At Paragon, we have integrated the above sensors together to save costs and space, and also reduces the need to have 2 separate sensors installed to achieved the same outcome.

3 Benefit of PARAGON Microwave Motion Sensors:

Reduce Energy Consumption and Electric Bill

In an effort to save the environment and utility bills, sensors help to reduce and conserve. Lights that are left running for a long period of time, are a waste of resources if no one is using it, and longer operation leads to bulbs reaching their indicated life span faster.

Crime Deterrence

More often than not, crime will take place on property that are not well lit. It would be easier for thieves or burglars to carry out crime and blend into dark surrounding.
Motion sensor lights, creates an element of surprise for intruders, intruders would be caught by surprise when lights are turned on suddenly, and they would run off the moment they got startled the sudden exposure of light.


Are you ever caught in a situation where your hands are too full to even open the door? Let alone switching on the lights. LED lights integrated with sensor are able to illuminate area without you having to turn on the lights manually.
There are occasions when you have to visit the toilet in the middle of the night, and fumbling to find the switch to light the path ahead, with integrated sensor lights, you will not have to worry about looking for the switch anymore.

All in all, individuals will never have to worry about turning off the lights again, as sensors handle it. Such added convenience is great for everyone who is looking to do their part in saving more energy and conserving earth.