• 02-10-2020

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Importance and significance Explosion Proof Lights

This particular type of lighting might come across as something foreign to many. But before we dive in to unravel what are explosion proof lighting and its purpose, we would like to debunk one of the biggest misconception that people might have when they first come across the term – Explosion Proof Lights.

Explosion proof lighting does not indicate that this particular luminaire is able to withstand all forms of external explosion when installed in hazardous location.

In fact, it refers to the ability of the luminaire – explosion proof lights – to contain sparks or internal explosion and prohibits this explosion from escaping outside of the luminaire, to combust with other hazardous substances or gas in the atmosphere to create an explosion.

Therefore, it is not true that explosion proof lighting is resistant to explosions, but rather the capacity to prevent unnecessary explosions from occurring in hazardous locations.

What constitute as a hazardous location?

A hazardous location is generally defined as any area where there are high concentrations of combustible particles in the surrounding atmosphere that may cause an explosion or fire outeak. Such locations are sensitive to naked flames and any igniting elements. The flammable materials include liquids, vapor, gas, dusts and etc…

Explosion proof lights are applicable in the following areas*:

Chemical processing plants

Aircraft maintenance areas

Enclosed fuelling stations

Paint spray booths

Offshore oil and gas rigs

Chemical storage units

Ship tanks


Oil and Gas Storage

Grain silos

*This is not an exhaustive list of the installation areas for Explosion Proof Lights

Under such extreme environment, it is imperative to installed specially designed fixtures that to reduce the risk of an accidental ignition that will have devastating consequences if ignited.

Hazardous zones classification

Class 1 locations

Class 2 locations

Class 3 locations

Explosion proof lights features a robust and secure design, to keep electrical components in isolation

Explosion proof lights feature a robust and heavy duty structure, it’s meant to reduce the risk of explosion by preventing the luminaire from igniting the flammable gas and vapors in its surrounding.

To be certified, explosion-proof lights are constructed using durable, non-sparking material, a very thick glass globe over the bulb, and other features to ensure that the workers and the surrounding environment remains safe should an ignition occur inside the light.

General characteristics of an explosion proof light

Have to be certified by the relevant authorities

Made up of robust and durable materials

Nonsparking material / Powder coated

Its fixtures are significantly thicker


In our everyday light fixtures, almost every component of a luminaire, such as contact point, LED chip, electrical wiring and switches are all exposed to the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, there is a possibility that sparks created by toggling of a switch and even the heat from the fixture can be huge enough to create a flammable environment. Whereas in an explosion proof light fixture, any potential ignition of a spark or explosion are contained within the fixture itself.

However, this does not mean that Explosion Proof Lights are not sealed off completely from the surrounding atmosphere. Gas and vapor will still able pass through the light fixtures in miniscule amount, but the design of an Explosion Proof Light is able to contain the explosion within the fixture itself.