• 24-12-2020

How Light Affects Your Shopping Experience – A Guide to Lighting Your Store

Lighting is an indispensable function to create comfort and comfort for your family. In most homes there is usually a wide choice of lighting from function to size, from ceiling lights to recessed ceilings, from ceiling slings to track lights. If you have a concrete ceiling in your home, the installation of lighting fixtures may be more difficult but not impossible.

In addition to being eco-friendly and an extremely energy-efficient lighting option, LED lights are also a versatile lighting option in terms of functionality and design. The LED light itself can integrate Dimmer for more efficient illumination and dynamic lighting effects. Modern and beautifully designed LED lights can be selected for concrete ceilings as they are certainly aesthetically appealing and act as real works of art to promote brilliance and lift. high your mood.

How to switch to LED lighting for concrete ceiling?

Using stretch fabrics can help individual and business clients in concrete ceiling areas. In the case of concrete ceilings, you may know that there is a lack of options for overhead lighting compared to plaster ceilings. It is very strict and sometimes forbidden to pass the wires through existing concrete slabs by authorities or building management.

Handling ceiling or installing headlights?

I think nobody wants to damage the new wiring and LEDs while removing excess mortar from the ceiling. Therefore, you should finish scrape and clean the ceiling before installing the LED lighting fixtures. In this context, you have to realize that new LED lighting fixtures must be selected and installed deliberately before installing a stretch ceiling whether it is made of PVC material or fabric.

Why do interior designers and electricians prefer to use stretch ceilings when renovating your concrete ceiling?

Stretch ceilings can completely and securely cover ugly popcorn ceilings with no hassle or expense. A 1 inch minimum gap exists between a PVC or fabric stretch ceiling and a popcorn ceiling. It’s becoming a lot easier to hide old cords and plumbing fixtures. Most homeowners are pleased to perfectly hide all the new wiring under a stretch ceiling. This is the most effective way to conceal the wires for all new LEDs and even larger appliances like LED TVs and refrigerators.

Furthermore, the stretch fabric ceiling will provide a smooth texture so you can easily install the modern LED lighting to your liking in any space with a concrete ceiling. In addition, using stretch fabric will maintain and improve the acoustic experience in your room. You can illuminate the entire space without incorporating too many circuits, and wiring can be done simply by using LED lights. Narrow-angle ceiling mounted LEDs are perfect when choosing a lighting for your living room, where there is a wide variety of accent furniture and eye-catching artwork.

LED lights are the most energy saving option

Installing LED lights in your home can be an effective way to reduce power consumption and significantly save on electricity bills. LED lights are considered the most efficient and energy saving lighting source for your home. Compared to conventional light, LEDs are said to be 80% to 90% relatively higher in terms of energy efficiency. That means that almost 80% of the electrical energy has to be converted to light. However, only 20% will be converted to other forms of energy such as heat.

According to https://www.forbes.com, the biggest advantage of LEDs is that they will use 75% less energy than incandescent lamps and have a 25 times longer lifespan.

Guarantee product life

LEDs have a relatively high operating life. In the absence of a burnt or broken filament, the LED lamp promises a longer lifespan of 25,000 – 50,000 hours higher than average. This lifespan is said to be twice that of a typical fluorescent bulb. Furthermore, LED products often promise 20X longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs.

LED products from Paragon always ensure a long service life and high efficiency from 8 to 10 years in practical lighting with a warranty of 2-3 years for each product.

Environmental friendliness

LEDs are said to be completely user and environment friendly. They do not contain any toxic metals or elements such as mercury that can pose threats to the environment. We know that traditional lamps like fluorescent lamps contain certain metals and toxic chemicals like mercury that can pollute the environment. Thus, LEDs will release 20% of the thermal energy; they will operate at relatively lower temperatures. Therefore, you do not need to fear burns when replacing LED bulbs. Furthermore, LEDs are effective in minimizing the risk of fire in your home or office as they are known to have relatively lower heat emissions.

Multi-application for many different purposes

LEDs can serve a wide variety of functions and purposes and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Their power-saving features and dimensions make them possible to use them in creative and novel fields. Some of the really popular LED light applications include exit signs, flashlights, traffic lights and lights, Christmas lights, remote control lights, and more.


LED lights are in vogue because of its premium design and incredible aesthetics. They stand out and are extraordinarily attractive to most interior design and design concepts. The advantages of switching to LED lighting are certainly not limited to the individual level, but it contributes significantly to the conservation of our environment and the overall well-being of society as a whole.

If you need lighting advice for your home space, contact Paragon for free lighting consulting assistance and choose for yourself the highest quality and most modern products.