• 18-06-2022


The gymnasiums may belong to the national, provincial, city-level sports complex, sport centers or schools. These serve in competition, practice and entertainment, could also serve the needs of performing arts, music, etc. Therefore, the lighting design is not only be suitable for all types of lighting. sports activities, but also pays attention to visual comfort requirements.

Suitable for badminton, volleyball

Stadium lighting quality standards

1. Evenness of light

As one of the standards for measuring lighting conditions at volleyball courts. On the field must ensure that there are no areas of light that are too strong or too dark. Must be suitable for the eyes of fans, competition participants and referees

2. Luminance of light

The glare of the light directly affects the player’s vision during competition.

Requires moderate glare, must be suitable for the conditions on the field.

3. Color of lights

The color of the volleyball court’s LED high-pressure light bulb must be different from the color of the wall paint and the color of the equipment used for the competition. Using the same color will affect the player’s vision direction.

4. Light flicker

The stability of led lights for volleyball courts directly affects the eyesight of players, spectators and referees.

Suitable for tennis, table tennis

Tennis court lighting quality standards

1. Light quality

It is one of the important elements of tennis court lighting. Color temperature: tennis court should choose color from 4500-5500KColor rendering index: High CRI makes light clearer and handles situations well on the field.

2. Luminous flux

Reputable brand LED chip with high luminous flux and low light loss index suitable for long-term lighting.

3. Long life

The lifespan of Led Paragon headlights is many times longer than that of other traditional lamps. The level of light retention after the L70 public life time, so the led floodlight illuminates the tennis court to ensure the level of illumination for the playground for a long time.

Suitable for swimming

Based on the intended use of the pool for casual, amateur, or training exercise, professional tournaments are organized to determine the brightness (or illuminance) on the surface of the water. Combined with the general architecture to choose a suitable location for hanging pool lights, ensuring:

  • Light distribution is uniform.
  • The average luminance above the water surface is greater than or equal to the luminance required for each level of the pool.

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