Number: 001/2022/CSBH-CSKH

A. Scope of application

  • This warranty is applied to all lighting products branded Paragon and products distributed by Minh Hung Long company.

B. Subject of warranty

  • Intermediary customers: are distributors, agents, electricians, and contractors who purchase goods from the company.
  • End-user customers: As the owner of the project, the owner/the person who directly uses products provided by the company or through intermediaries.

C. Period of Warranty

  • Time for warranty is calculated from:
    • Production date or delivery/invoice date (this information is shown when customers scan the QR code to access product information).
    • Or time to activate the electronic warranty. (Note: electrical warranty activation time does not exceed 6 months from the date of manufacture/delivery).

D. Coverage of Warranty

  • The company commits to the warranty for all products branded Paragon, Light & Life and EEW provided by the company.
  • Service Center:
    • Southern Service Center (in charge from Hue to the south).
    • Address: 241 L. Thuong Kiet, Ward 15, District 11, HCMC.
    • Northern warranty center (in charge of Quang Binh tothe North).
    • Address: M09 – L12, Duong Noi, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City.
    • For another country, the Service Center is located in its available representative office/branches.

1. Period of Warranty

  • 12 months for traditional lights, exit lights and emergency lights with manual test mode (battery only 6 months warranty).
  • 24 months exit and emergency lighting with auto-test (including batteries), civil led lighting products (products in the list of civil green products).
  • 36 months for industrial led light products.
  • 12 months for Light & Life and EEW brand products.

2. Warranty form

  • Applicable to products eligible for warranty.
    • We will exchange the same products (applied for residential lines).
    • For other products: repair damaged products or exchange components.
    • The company will repair and remedy the damage within 05 working days from the date of receiving the products that the customer request for warranty.

3. Warranty conditions

  • The product is used in normal conditions.
  • The product must be within the warranty period.
  • The product is not cracked, broken, …
  • Customers do not solve, or change product structure.
  • Products use UPS must be charged and discharged periodically.
  • Other brands will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty policy.
  • In case the project is outside the scope of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, the area where we can’t come to the site/or we can’t access the products, The customer will transfer the product to the Warranty Center for us to check and warranty (if).
  • In some cases, we will refuse the warranty or have special conditions as follows:
    • The product has expired the warranty period. We will provide a fee-charge repair service for you.
    • We will not warrant for causes that are not due to the fault of the manufacturer outputs such as short circuits, incorrect use of power supply, damage due to influence of other factors (fire, explosion, electric shock, storm, lightning, insect intrusion, scratches, paint blisters due to strong impact, contact with chemicals, detergents, …).


  • In case the replacement product is out of stock or out of production, we will replace it with a product of equivalent value or get a refund under the warranty purchase unit price.
  • Replacement/repairing of damaged products or components does not include operations dismantling or re-installation, as well as any additional costs, including labor costs.
  • All the published parameters and warranty periods are based on continuous use, not more than 08 hours/day.
  • In case the customer does not activate the electronic warranty and has no invoice( bill/order, warranty card according to individual requirements), we will base it on time production/delivery via QR stamp to calculate the date.
  • For products that meet the warranty conditions, we will pay the shipping costs to send and receive warranty products. In the case that the product does not meet the warranty, the customer must pay the related costs (shipping costs, transportation, cost of inspection, testing,…) for that warranty sending products.
  • For the request that the engineer comes to the site in order to check, we will be at the site within 03 working days from the date of receipting the request. Customers, please support lifting machine, scaffolding, and disassembly equipment,…

4. Limitation of manufacturer’s responsibilities

  • The manufacturer is not responsible for any related problems due to product damage.
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to change, adjust and update warranty content.
  • Any additions to this warranty from individuals and organizations are not authorized by the Paragon Manufacturer, they are considered void.

E. Terms of performance

  • This policy replaces all documents and regulations on previous products warranty.
  • The policy takes effect from the date of signing.


  • Customers in other areas can directly contact the company’s Hotline for the fastest possible delivery.
  • Customers who order according to the invoice will agree on the delivery and return date according to the customer’s appointment.


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