Paragon Company sincerely thanks customers for the trust and cooperation with TBCS Paragon products in recent years.

We would like to inform about some regulations on warranty, delivery, and exchange and return of TBCS Paragon products as follows:

  1. Product warranty terms
    1. Warranty period Paragon common products are warranted from the date of delivery according to the following categories: span>
      • 12 months for traditional lights, exit lights and emergency lights with manual test mode (battery is only 6 months warranty).
      • 24 months exit light and emergency lighting with automatic test mode (battery included), LED products for civilian use.
      • 36 months for industrial led products.
    2. Warranty terms
      • The product is used under normal conditions and continuous use time does not exceed 08 hours / day to ensure as the specifications we announced.
      • The product must be within the warranty period.
      • The product is not cracked, broken, …
      • Customers do not arbitrarily disassemble or change the product structure.
      • UPS products must be charged and discharged periodically.
      • Other brands will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
      • In case the project is outside of HCMC and we cannot come to the work / or we cannot access the product, the customer will transfer the product to the Warranty Center: 241 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 15, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City for us to check and warranty (if any).
      • In some cases, we will deny the warranty or have special conditions as follows:
        + Incandescent bulbs, direct PAR bulbs, halogen bulbs are damaged within 01 month from the delivery date, we will renew the customers.
        + We will not guarantee for reasons other than the manufacturer’s fault such as short-circuit, wrong use of the power supply, damage caused by other factors (lightning, insect invasion imported, scratched, paint blister due to strong impact, contact with chemicals, detergents, …).
    3. Type of warranty
      • In case the product is faulty due to the manufacturer, we will guarantee as follows:
        + For civil products: Innovating products during the warranty period.
        + For other products: We will repair and replace damaged parts. In case the defective product is out of production, we will replace the product of the same type and equivalent value.
      • The company will repair, fix damage within 05 working days after receiving your product’s warranty request.
    4. Location of warranty
      • In case of warranty at your address, please contact sales for company staff to serve you.
      • In case you bring products to TBSC Paragon product warranty center, please contact at 241 Ly Thuong Kiet, Phường 15, District 11, HCMC.
  2. Regulations on freight forwarding
    • You will get free delivery within Ho Chi Minh City for orders from 2 million VND or more.
    • In case of delivery outside of the company’s regulations, please contact the sales department for more details.
  3. Product return and exchange policy
    • Customers will be able to exchange or return goods within 30 days from the date of delivery. Customers must issue a full invoice as prescribed when making changes or returns.
    • For products manufactured according to the customer’s requirements and standards, we will not accept exchange or return the product.
    • All items exchanged or returned must be in good condition and performed at: 363 Thoai Ngoc Hau, Hiep Tan Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC.



In order to bring the best service experience and provide the fastest products to our customers and partners, Paragon is committed to super-fast delivery for all products of the company.

  • For customers in the city (applicable to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho): Paragon commits to deliver to you within 24 hours after the order arises. li>
  • For customers in all other areas: Paragon commits to deliver goods to the first place within 24 hours after the order arises.

Customers in other regions can directly contact the company Hotline for the fastest delivery possible.
Customers who order according to the invoice will agree on the delivery date and return the goods according to the customer’s appointment.