• 02-11-2021


Bollard lights – An all-time classic when it comes to landscape lighting; it is usually used to illuminate pathway, entrances, parks, gardens and amenity areas. Apart from providing illumination, bollard lights also form a part of the overall architecture design, adding a touch of class and elegance to it. 

Why install LED Bollard Lights?

When it comes to landscape lighting, there is an abundance and diverse range of light fixtures available, but why should you incorporate LED bollard light into your landscape project. Let’s find out more about how LED bollard light is able to increase safety, enhance your landscape design and ultimately provide a pleasing experience.

Safety: Bollard lights by and large are used to provide pathway illumination during night time. Whether it is illuminating your garden walkway or to illuminate a boardwalk it provides a level of safety to users while they are walking, jogging or running along it. As this allows users to be able to see what is ahead of them, which helps to lower the rate of any accidents.

Landscape design: When it comes to creating the ideal landscape design, it is not considered complete without incorporating some form of artificial lighting into it. As artificial lighting allows you to watch nature come to life when the sun has set, it gives a different perspective and create a seemingly new ambience with artificial lighting.

Energy efficient: LED is known to be highly efficient in converting electrical energy into light energy as compared to fluorescent and incandescent whereby most of the electrical energy are emitted as heat.

Long lifespan and reduced maintenance: With LED reaching a rated lifespan of 25,000 hours and more, it requires little to almost zero-maintenance once the light fixture has been installed.

Better light distribution: With LED, we are able to better direct on how light is emitted from the light fixture. 

With that, let’s proceed to look at the type of LED bollard lights that Paragon have to offer.

Type of LED Bollard Lights?

With the introduction of LED technology, Paragon is able to design bollard lights that are smaller, slimmer and more stylish than before. With a range of styles and wattages available, finding the ideal design for your lighting project is easier than before. Whether you are looking for a round or square shaped bollard light, we have got you covered.

Let’s take a look at the type of bollard lights available at Paragon, and how you will be able to incorporate it to your landscape design.

Traditional Bollard Light Design – Classic looking LED board lights, reminiscence of yesteryears.  

Bollard Light Design – Round and Rectangle 

LED Bollard Lights and their location?

After viewing the wide array of designs available, you might wonder where else can I install these bollard lights at. Take a look at some of the suggested locations where bollard lighting can be installed:

Create a unique character and style for your landscape
Bollard lighting
Create a safer environment with energy efficient LED
Create a safer environment with energy efficient LED

Interested in LED Bollard Lights for your property?

Paragon a leader in manufacturing in all forms of LED lights and as specialists, we can help you with your selection of LED bollard lighting. We can make product recommendations, letting you know which models are the best for your situation, along with the correct layout and required number of units.

We understand the garden lighting requirements to achieve beautifully designed landscape fixtures and always work towards the best outcomes, tailored to the needs of each client.

Contact Paragon today for a free lighting design service and create the ideal landscape of your choice with LED lighting.