• 27-11-2021

Customizable LED Lighting

Advantages of custom LED lighting

When embarking on a new residential or commercial project, lighting design is an important aspect that cannot be ignored. However, if the goal is to create a stunning, unique and distinct ambience, custom lighting would be the perfect solution in achieving it.

Practically all residential and commercial projects require certain level of artificial lighting to aid occupants in seeing clearly and navigating around indoor premises.

However most of the light fixtures installed are rather common and ordinary, and although they are functional but it is not able to further create and evoke emotions that would best complement the overall architecture design.

For individuals who are in search for unique and distinct lighting solutions. Look no further then Paragon’s LED customizable luminaires which are extremely flexible, and paired with LED Strip Lights together with external wireless controls that increase usability and convenience.

We have a range of custom light fixtures that can be customized to suit your lighting projects, in addition, users will be able to add customization such as Tunable White light that offers an adjustable CCT range of relaxing 3000K to energizing 6500K or a dynamic RGB which offers a wide array of glistening light colors. All these exciting and interesting options are available on top of the usual single color temperature of 3000K (Warm White), 4200K (Cool White) and 6500K (Daylight).

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Customizable LED light fixtures

Many might be put off by the term customizing and associate it with something that is exceptionally expensive and a tedious process, but in reality, making an order for customizable light fixture is neither complicated nor an expensive solution. Which we will share more about it towards the end of the article. Now let’s take a look at our customizable LED light fixtures.

Paragon offer a wide range of customizable LED light fixtures that is applicable for a wide array of lighting application, such as Task lighting, Ambient lighting and Accent Lighting.

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Let’s take a look at the various models available.

PHLN Series

Surface or Suspended Linear Luminaire

PHLM Series

Recessed Linear Luminaire


PASA Series

Linear Luminaire


PASB Series

Linear Luminaire

PASC Series

Linear Luminaire

PASD Series

Linear Luminaire


PMRA Series

Circular shape with a hollow cut-out

PMRB Series

Circular design

PMRC Series

Hexagon shape with a hollow cut-out

PMRD Series

Hexagon design

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Benefits of customizable LED light fixtures

For example, you have decided to build a custom kitchen island for your new home, but you are unable to find light fixtures that would be able to illuminate the kitchen island from end to end. With Paragon, you will be able customized the length of the light fixture to suit your kitchen island, to get consistent and uniform illumination from end to end of the kitchen island.

Customizable light fixtures typically include requests for one or more of the following:

  • Customizing dimensions to suit your interior design.
  • Modify light color output (Single color temperature, Tunable white or RGB)
  • Unique and Distinct design

In other words, if you can imagine it, chances are that will be able to accommodate to your request and turn your idea into reality.

How do you know if a customizable light fixture is right for you?

After reading the benefits and the type of light fixtures available, you might ask when would I require customizable light fixture.

  • If conventional light fixtures are not able to meet your lighting requirements
  • You have custom-made furniture or architectural design that you would like to complement it with unique and distinct light fixtures.
  • Light fixture as décor centerpiece

A couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to customizable light fixtures?

Ordering a custom fixture might require a longer lead time, as it would require ordering the components to manufacture it. Hence, it is important to always to work on your timeline to factor in the lead time to receive your custom light fixture.

A few customization installation examples



A few customization examples for your consideration

Interested and piqued by what you have just read, contact Paragon today to add distinct and unique lighting element for your business or residential project.