• 19-10-2021

UFO High Bay VS Linear High Bay

Linear High Bay or UFO High Bay?

When it comes to illuminating vast and expansive space, there are not many type of light fixtures that are capable of doing so that is available in the market. The most common light fixtures that would first appear is usually high bay.

High bays are designed for high luminous flux output which is essential in illuminating areas with lighting installed on high ceilings such as warehouses, indoor sports halls, factories and etc.

Which brings us to our next question when it comes to selecting the type of LED high bays, as there are two commonly seen LED high bays in the market currently, namely Linear High Bay and UFO High Bay. Although the difference between the two light fixture is not huge, but it is necessary to understand how they differ from one another and to select the correct type of light fixture for different areas.

Difference in UFO and Linear High bay?

To put it simply, the shape of a light fixture is not purely for aesthetics only, but it does have an impact on how light will be emitted from it. Take a second to view both UFO and Linear high bay below, and try to visualize how would the light distribution look like.





Light distribution curve of PHBEE

Light distribution curve of PHLN


PHBEE series is round in shape and the light it emits is a cone and circular shape, with the light being more focused in the center and it gets dimmer as the beam spreads out. Whereas PHLN series casts light in a rectangular manner, that distribute light evenly across a wider surface.

Think of UFO and Linear High Bay as LED downlights or LED panels on steroids, with the similarity lies in how light is emitted and the different function it serves, hence the manner in which light is emitted does not represent which is more superior than the other, it is just that each type of LED high bay serve different purpose.

Which type of LED High Bay is suitable?

After understanding the difference in light distribution between UFO and linear LED high bay, it is time to find the appropriate LED high bay for your lighting application.

The type of high bay to install, would base on where the LED high bay will be installed at, 1) Will you be illuminating a vast and open area or 2) Warehouse with high shelves?

UFO High Bay – It’s circular construction and light distribution works well for illuminating open areas, or areas where shelving does not extend close to the ceiling. Here are some examples of where UFO high bays would be suitable, areas such as warehouse with low height shelves, indoor sports hall, convention center and-so-forth.

UFO high bays work great in areas where the light will not be obstructed by tall shelves or structures.

Linear High Bay – It’s rectangular construction coupled with polycarbonate (PC) lens gives it a more precise and wider illumination, great for lighting applications that requires even distribution of light over areas such as aisles with tall shelving on both side.

Having a rectangular shape light distribution improve visibility along a narrow space and reduces the number of light fixtures required compared to UFO high bay in achieving similar illumination.

Still undecided if you should install UFO or Linear High Bay?

As mentioned earlier both UFO and Linear high bay have different distribution curve which translates to serving different purpose. In order to have a clear understanding on which type of LED high bay would be more suited for your lighting project, this is where DIALux simulation will be able to provide a proper visualization and calculation.

At Paragon we provide free lighting calculation and we would require basic information such as the dimensions of the space, work plane height and any other relevant information such as height of shelves or what kind of work will be carried out in the space. With these information, our lighting designers will be able to provide you with 3D rendering or simulation on the type of light fixtures that will work for your space.