• 02-06-2020

Where and How to download Paragon Plug-In

Paragon’s plug-in is available for download on 4 different platforms, DIALux Website, DIALux Evo, DIALux 4 & DIALux mobile

DIALux website


DIALux evo

Download DIALux evo here

1) Launch DIALux evo

2) Search for Paragon under list of manufacturers

3) Click on the icon to download Paragon plug-in


DIALux 4

Download DIALux 4 here

1) Launch DIALux 4

2) Click on ‘Luminaire Selection’

3) Click on ‘Refresh list now’ and once update is complete, restart DIALux 4 again.

4) Search for Paragon under ‘Not installed catalogs’

5) Scroll down and double click on ‘Paragon’ to get pop-up download window.

DIALux Mobile

Should you encounter any error or isses in downloading Paragon plug-in, do write in to us at: support@paragon.com.vn