• 10-12-2021

LED Linear Wall Washer – Add a new lease of life to façades

With society and the economy developing in a pace that was never seen before, so has the technologies surrounding us too. In the past, where incandescent and fluorescent lights are predominantly used for artificial lighting, LED light is pretty much unheard of until the early 2000s.

At present, LED lights have become the go-to choice when it comes to retrofitting or installation of new light fixtures. LED lights are available for a myriad of lighting applications, ranging from general illumination to beautifying outdoor areas, and it is due to its compact structure that allows for the creation of light fixtures of various dimensions and it has changed the way we illuminate our world.

In this article, we will be exploring more on the benefits and features of a LED wall washer and how it is able to bring life to general façade of buildings and structures.  

What is a LED Linear Wall Washer?

LED linear wall washer – As the name suggests, it is a linear shaped light fixture with LED chips lined and spread evenly across the length of it.

Although both linear wall washer and flood light serve the same purpose in a wide and uniform illumination, but linear wall washer can be installed close to the building façade without the need to placing the lighting fixture a distant away from the building. This is especially important when space is a limiting factor.

Features of Paragon LED Linear Wall Washer

  • Wide range of luminous flux, ranging from 780 lumens to 2340 lumens suitable for wide range of lighting applications
  • Rated lifespan of 50,000 hours, reduce maintenance and replacement costs
  • Fitted with tempered glass cover – A tougher and crystal clear cover that protects LED chips from damaged and scratches.
  • High quality alloy fixture with a powder coat finish
  • Adjustable tilt offering flexible adjustments
  • IP65 rated – Safe for both indoor and outdoor application
  • Diverse range of light color – Available in 3000K / 4200K / 6500K or RGB

Lighting applications for LED Linear Wall Washer

  • Indoor space: Illuminating vertical plane (walls) creating a bright and open spatial impression
  • Outdoor space: Add a touch of life to those boring and mundane looking façade during the night
  • Create distinct character for buildings that makes it easily recognizable at night

LED Linear Wall Washer PWWA Series from Paragon is available in single color temperature or RGB option, which has the ability to recreate creative and dynamic light effect when paired up with external DMX controllers. A reliable and versatile luminaire that is suitable for a wide range of lighting applications, from lighting up bridges to illuminating building façade.

LED Linear Wall Washer has gained huge popularity since its introduction and is suitable for a wide range of lighting applications. If you are interested to find out the various models available, do head over to our website or send us a message support@paragon.com.vn.