• 30-06-2022


The layout of recessed lighting designed according to the needs is essential before the actual construction and installation. Recessed lights provide a large amount of light and give a sense of luxury and sophistication according to the design of the lamp. And LED downlights are the perfect choice to illuminate your space.Which lamps have a direction of light designed to be fixed from the ceiling down, we call them downlight.

Paragon recessed LED downlights offer better performance, longer lifespan and higher color rendering. You can use downlight lighting for entire areas of your home, accent lighting and highlight certain areas of your home, or use all three at the same time. Here are three layouts you can use for a better lighting experience.

Paragon led downlight models with a variety of designs.

General lighting layout

The goal of a general lighting layout is to provide consistent lighting in an area or room. First, create a common lighting background by placing downlights of the same wattage to distribute the light evenly over the area. General lighting includes direct or indirect artificial light, natural light to provide enough light to meet the needs of daily living in different areas.

LED downlights have a longer lifespan and provide better light than traditional lights. In addition, LED lights also save energy up to 70% and are more environmentally friendly.Below you can see some common general lighting layouts. Note the placement of the lights in a uniform grid based on the shape of the room.

Additional lighting layout

The primary purpose of work lighting is to provide light to a small area or specific surface.It is not necessary to align these lights with your general lighting area. If that space requires more than one light, you can align the position of the lights equally in that area.Here is an example of adding additional lighting in the kitchen when there is a general light that you can refer to.

Key lighting layout

For this composition is often used to illuminate works of art such as paintings and statues, pictures, etc.

Follow these guidelines for the perfect accent lighting composition:Place or position the lights properly to illuminate the wall

Use lights with the ability to redirect light for easy coordinationThis lighting system creates a cozy environment with pleasant and bright light. So choose the right light color for the space.

Slope ceiling lighting layout

This is a layout that is not very popular in Vietnam but is quite popular in Europe. But the rules and layout of lighting are quite similar to a flat ceiling. The only difference is that Paragon recommends using most LED models such as the PRDFF series that can adjust the light direction as it is easy to manage and allow the direction of light to shine straight down from the ceiling. slope of the ceiling.

Using these three layouts, you can illuminate the area more effectively. LED recessed lights offer ultimate flexibility in terms of placement, design or dimmability. Downlights are everyone’s favorite recessed lights that you can use with any decor.

To be able to simplify the design of the layout for the use area. Paragon has free consulting and lighting design services for customers. Support from grassroots to project completion. In addition, you can contact Hotline: 09144 09142 or contact Paragon’s official fanpage to refer to ceiling light samples and answer your questions.