Through Paragon Professional Lighting Design Service, get complimentary lighting design advice, receive recommendations on Paragon’s LED luminaires and simple 3D simulation on the proposed lighting layout.  

What is lighting design?

A professional lighting design plan is able to accurately calculate the amount of light required without compromising on functionality or wasting energy and money. In addition, our lighting design team at Paragon consider a multitude of practical and aesthetics factors when carrying out lighting design plan, whether it is interior lighting for homes, offices and warehouse or if its exterior lighting such as landscaping, facades or street lighting, as we understand that each location requires different design objective and lighting requirements.   

Our lighting designers will carry out lighting design based on the following points:

  • Illumination level: Vary according to individual environment and tasks. Proper light level and color temperature prevents eye strain, which in turn allow us to work comfortably for longer period. 
  • Uniformity: A uniform light output ensure visual comfort, enhance visual performance and ensure safety. 
  • Glare level: Glare from lighting can be both irritating and uncomfortable. Working under lighting with high glare level can reduce visibility and lower productivity.  
  • Surrounding colors and reflectance: Another factor that lighting designers takes into account is the surrouding wall colors and it reflectance. A light colored wall will reflect more light as compared to a darker colored wall, as dark colors will absorb the light instead of reflecting it. 
  • Energy efficiency: It is no secret that LED are more energy efficient as compared to fluorescent lighting. But to prevent from unnecessary watse of energy, our lighting designers will be able to design an energy efficient lighting plan without sacrificing light performance. 

Apart from that, you will receive recommendations on the type of Paragon LED light fixtures to install and its installation location to achieve the optimal lighting system. 

Paragon Professional Lighting Design

At our core, we believe that a well-designed lighting plan will enhance and improve your quality of life. Therefore, we are offering we lighting design service for anyone who is interested in upgrading their current lighting system or for new home and business owners who are looking for an energy efficient lighting solution. 

Here are some of the highlights that Paragon Lighting Design can do for you: 

  • Provide expert advice and solutions for a conducive and functional lighting experience
  • Design each space according to IES and local standards
  • Recommend the appropriate lumens for each light fixture and color temperature (light color)
  • Lighting design can reduce operational costs and prevent energy wastage
  • Customized lighting design for each and every space, whilst ensuring it meets the necessary standards

Consultation process

Send in your request by filling up this consultation form. Paragon will contact you within 1 working days.

Meet* with Paragon lighting design team for consultation. This allow our lighting design team to further understand customer’s requirements and the type of tasks that is being carried out in each area.

Paragon lighting design team will then draft up a proposal based on customer’s requirement, we will be able to provide professional advice on recommended light fixtures, color temperature and additional controls (dimming, motion sensor and remote control)

Upon receiving the draft, customer can decide if they want to proceed with Paragon’s recommendations and enjoy a full makeover with LED lighting. Lighting design service is complimentary with no obligation to purchase any Paragon products.

*Due to the current covid-19 pandemic, all consultation will be carried out through online platforms.