• 07-07-2022

Lighting Solution Harbor

It can be seen that the port may have differences in terms of trade function, cargo volume and working location, but it can also be considered quite similar when it comes to general lighting principles and principles when working. To increase worker productivity, lighting is a top concern in the harbor. The lighting system must ensure proper operation in accordance with the prescribed and set standards throughout the operation period, ensuring lighting in heavy rain or high humidity weather. In addition, the level of illumination will depend on the criteria of the area to be illuminated. Different areas of the harbor will have different lighting regulations and standards.High wattage, CRI and IP rating LED floodlights need to be taken into account when performing harbor lighting installations. An IP rating of 65 or higher will be a necessary choice when lighting in outdoor areas


The lighting at the port is very focused because the issue of occupational safety is a top priority to ensure the safety of the workers working here. Therefore, most docks will follow the lighting rule SIP 009 – (Safety in Ports) to be able to both provide enough light at the port as well as ensure safety when working here. port, the volume of cargo is high, the containers are large and the means of transport and support are relatively dense, so occupational safety must be ensured first, since then, the SIP 009 (Safety in Ports) is applied.


PHMA Series –  Led high mast headlights

PHMA LED floodlight belongs to Paragon’s high-power high-power LED system manufactured from high-grade aluminum alloy with LED lighting technology of high-quality LED Chips from leading suppliers. PHMA Series LED floodlights are the first choice to replace high pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamps. Products are genuine Paragon warranty for 3 years.

POFA Series – Led headlight

POFA series waterproof floodlights are high power luminaires manufactured by Paragon to international standards for both indoor and outdoor lighting with IP65 protection and premium components for powerful light. , honest, suitable for lighting large areas such as stadiums, football fields, facades, exteriors, etc. Products are genuine Paragon warranty for 3 years.

To be able to choose and install lights effectively, you should need detailed advice and lighting designs from Paragon’s professional team. Paragon is committed to supporting from the ground up to the completion of lighting projects. In addition, consulting and lighting design services are completely free. You can contact hotline 09144 09142 or Paragon’s official fan page for the best care and support.