• 25-12-2021

Selecting LED Ceiling Lights Made Simpler

Installing light fixtures is so much more than finding and installing the most economical and efficient solution available in the market. Light fixtures also play an important role in achieving a harmonious interior design, ensuring it complement your furniture and the concept of the space. In this article, we will be sharing more on the features of LED ceiling lights which we hope will aid you in your selection process of light fixtures for your home or business.  

What are LED ceiling lights? and the value-add that LED ceiling light brings 

Paragon LED ceiling lights are versatile and can be installed almost on any surface, its minimalist design and slim profile also does not cause significant obstruction to interior spaces. The shape and design of LED ceiling lights takes after traditional fluorescent ceiling lights, hence for those who are looking to replace their old and inefficient fluorescent ceiling lights yet wanting to retain the outlook that they are so used to looking at, Paragon PLCA Series, PLCK Series & PLCQ Series are the perfect solution to it. Apart from being more energy efficient and have a longer rated lifespan, Paragon LED ceiling lights have other additional features that your quality of life, read on to find out more about it.  

Selecting LED ceiling light that will best suit the space

With a wide array of LED ceiling lights sprouting up every now and then, selecting one makes it even harder given the diverse models available in the market. Hence, read on to find out on how to select LED ceiling lights that will best suit the space:

Shape of light fixture

Presently, Paragon LED Ceiling Lights are available in either a circular or square design, with both PLCA Series and PLCQ Series sharing the same circular design, in which PLCQ Series have a slightly protruded design. Whereas PLCK Series owns a protruded square light cover, giving it a bolder and edgy look. Should you have doubts on which design would be more suitable for the space, do consult with your interior designer or contact Paragon for any product consultation. 

Lumens required and Color temperature

Select by lumens (lm):

In the past, it may be common to hear that one should select the light fixture based on its wattage. Which is not wrong by any means, as light fixtures which have a higher wattage rating generally produce brighter light, but since the introduction of LED lighting, the more appropriate measurement should be the amount of lumens each light fixture produce.

A gentle reminder the next time you are searching for new light fixtures that Wattage ≠ Lumens. 

Instead of focusing on the rated wattage on the light fixture, users should instead ask what is the luminous flux or lumens that the particular light fixture emits.

The amount of lumens required greatly differ from space to space, as the light output should correlate to the type of work that is being done in that particular space. 

Select by color temperature:

Just like any other light fixtures that are available in the market, LED ceiling lights are also available in various color temperatures that will best match the intended ambience for each space.

For users who are in search of a cozy and warm environment, a color temperature of 3000K would be the most ideal in creating a cozy environment.

Whereas the cooler color temperature of 4200K and 6500K would be more suited to carry out focus intensive tasks such as reading, writing and cooking.   

In harmony with other light fixtures

When it comes to creating a harmonious interior space, it is important that the light fixtures should not cause a negative spatial perception of the space.

Ceiling lights are usually the main light fixture of the space, hence the color temperature of ceiling lights needs to be in harmony with the other light fixtures that are installed within the space. A coherent color temperature throughout the space is the essence to a harmonious space.

Why Paragon LED Ceiling Lights?

There are many manufacturers of LED ceiling lights on the market today. However, not all products are of the same quality. A number of famous and reputable brands have been recognized by consumers, including Paragon – a prestigious brand of quality not only in Vietnam but also throughout Southeast Asia.

In addition to the single color temperature LED ceiling light series, Paragon have additional features such as a changeable color temperature (CCT) model that have 3 different color temperature combined into one luminaire and lastly, motion sensor integrated within the ceiling light, which user will be able to adjust the sensitivity and operation of the ceiling light. 


Should you require further assistance in product consultation or require lighting design service for your new home or office, do send us a message at support@paragon.com.vn