• 30-01-2019

The policy about supporting distributors



Wishing to introduce Paragon brand lighting products, Minh Hung Long Trading and Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we set out the following guidelines and policies for distributors and agents and business units as follow:


– Have been or are distributing lighting items, electrical equipment, etc.

– Wide relationship with partners in the field of business in general and lighting equipment in particular.

– Experience and ability to manage business in the field of lighting equipment business, electrical equipment.

– Having financial resources to ensure to become a Distributor.

– Having proper warehouse space to ensure goods are stored safely, not affecting product quality, even affecting product packaging.


– Building long-term partnerships based on cooperation commitments and sharing business goals and developing lighting equipment industry.

– Cooperate on the basis of the interests of both Paragon brand and distributor

– Regularly share business information, products and timely support on business and development.

– Policies to support fair and reasonable throughout the distribution channel.


3.1. Periodic purchase discount:

  • Based on the quarterly commitment sales, the distributor will be able to participate in the discount program on purchase sales for Paragon brand dealers.
  • When the committed sales volume is reached, the distributor will be entitled to a pre-agreed discount in the distribution contract.
  • This discount policy is independent and is conducted in parallel with other support programs from the Paragon brand for distributors.
  • The Paragon brand is committed to paying commissions to distributors on time.

3.2. Price policy:

  • Based on the purchase results and other cooperation commitments, the distributor will be entitled to the price policy for the respective distribution level.
  • Pricing policies are designed to ensure the competitiveness and maximum profitability for distributors in the market.
  • The company is subject to 100% shipping fee to the customer location.

3.3. Debt:

  • On the 1st and the 15th in each month, the distributor will set up a table of debt comparison and the amount, amount and confirmation, the previous month’s debt will be paid by the distributor to Paragon after deducting commissions (if any).
  • Debts will be paid in cash, bank transfer.
  • On the basis of cooperation results and payment history, distributors will enjoy better incentives for credit and debt policies.


4.1. Supporting for PR – Marketing:

  • Your agent is supported catalogs, leaflets, banners … according to the distributor’s program and Paragon brand.
  • Information about distributors will be advertised with the DISTRIBUTOR on the mass media and the official website of Paragon.
  • Distributors that are participating or together Paragon carry out all promotions and promote sales of the Paragon brand.
  • Paragon advises on image and product design on the website, lighting design, free technical support to promote if the Distributor requests it.
  • Paragon will support training in industry knowledge and product knowledge for distributor staff.

4.2. Supporting for goods:

  • Paragon company will support the cost and product Paragon exhibited.
  • Paragon’s free samples and samples will be supplied by Paragon brand with the number of commitments in the distributor support contract to introduce to customers upon request.
  • Paragon brand provides products according to quality and registered trademarks for distributors.


– Display Paragon products in showrooms or companies.

– Support Paragon brand when there are promotions, advertisements taking place at your agent’s business point.

– Distributor strives to achieve sales.

– Distributors must not sell any products that compete directly or indirectly with the Paragon brand’s products, unless there is a written agreement between the two parties.

– Do not use images and brands of Paragon to distribute products of other brands.

– Always ensure minimum inventory and ensure delivery schedule for customers upon request.

– The price for the end customer is equivalent to the recommended retail price of the distributor. No dumping.