• 18-12-2021

What is a Recessed Wall Light and its applications

What is a Recessed Wall Light?

LED Recessed Wall Light is gaining popularity for both commercial and residential lighting installation due to its seamless integration into surfaces – a low profile product that brings high impact effect. Bringing great aesthetic value and adding a modern touch to any architecture design.

Read on to find out more about the advantages of installing LED Wall Light and how it can be applied for both interior and exterior lighting applications.

LED Recessed Wall Lights in general are slightly more robust and durable compared to most other light fixtures as it needs to withstand various weather conditions and materials such as tempered glass and high quality aluminium alloy are being used to construct it.   

Components and structure of LED Recessed Wall Lights

Made up of the following components:

  • Fixture: Commonly constructed with aluminium alloy or high quality polycarbonate. This two material have high resistance against oxidizing and feature high tensile strength which protects the electrical components within. 
  • LED chip: High quality and long lasting LED chips supplied by Bridgelux/Cree are used for LED Recessed Wall Lights, which provide the best brightness, color consistency and reliability. 
  • Heatsink: The most important component of all. A heatsink is plays a huge part in ensuring the lifespan luminaire, as heat is the biggest enemy of all electrical and electronic components, hence an efficient heatsink is required for the longevity of luminaire. These heatsink do not affect the overall aesthetics of the fixture as it is usually hidden from sight. 

Advantages of LED Recessed Wall Lights

High energy saving

  • The main feature and advantage of LED light is its high energy efficiency, long rated lifespan and does not emit as much heat as compared to incandescent, fluorescent and other lighting technologies, as such it does not affect the overall ambient temperature of the space. 
  • Not only does using LED light allow you to reduce your electricity bill it also reduces the need for frequent maintenance due to its long rated lifespan.

Durable and robust

  • LED wall lights have a rated lifespan of 25,000 hours, which last up to 25 times longer when compared to incandescent lights.
  • Lifespan of LED lights are also not affected by frequent switching on/off. 

Flicker-free and Low glare

  • Its flicker-free and low glare properties creates a positive visual experience, as frequent flicker and high glare light causes discomfort such as headache and nausea. 
  • In addition, LED lights are free from mercury and any other harmful chemicals.

Available in various designs

  • LED Recessed Wall Lights by Paragon are available in various designs which suit a wide range both indoor and outdoor lighting applications
  • Paragon’s LED Recessed Wall Lights are also extremely affordable and all products comes with 2 years warranty. 

Space saving and aesthetically pleasing

  • LED recessed Wall Lights are extremely compact which does not take up too much space to install and it’s flush to the surface appearance does not affect the overall architecture design. 

Applications of LED Recessed Wall Lights for both interior and exterior lighting

  • LED Recessed Wall Lights is versatile and can be installed in multiple locations to improve the overall aesthetics and also increase the warmth added to a space. LED Recessed Wall Lights can be commonly found in the following locations:

Interior lighting:

  • Wall lights are a great addition to add accents along a walkway or to illuminate staircases. These lights with its low wattage consumption works great as night lighting in the house, which give occupants a sense of security while navigating around in the middle of the night. Such lights are useful in illuminating the general walkway of a space, which prevents occupants from tripping over stairs, objects or any other obstacles. 

Exterior lighting:

  • Installing wall lights for exterior walls not only illuminate exterior areas but also act as accent lighting to beautify the overall architecture.

Recessed Wall Lights are increasingly becoming popular for both business and home owners. To increase the appeal of your property immediately equip it with Recessed Wall Lights to beautify it. 

Currently, Paragon have a range of LED Recessed Wall Lights available that is able to serve a wide range of exterior and interior lighting. You may check out the products here or contact us at support@paragon.com.vn for product advice.