• 29-11-2019

Importance of Lighting Designer

Importance of Lighting Designer

Earth has been bathed in light from the sun since the formation of earth, and it is earth most important source of energy. Sunlight enables the plant to grow through photosynthesis, provide warmth in the day and it enables us to get around during day time.

As important as light is, but there are times we take light for granted, and there are many who do not realise, that proper and sufficient lighting have a significant impact on boosting the productivity and beautifying of any place. For instance, light can shape our mood and influence our emotions by setting the atmosphere, therefore it is essential to set it right.

In this article, we will explore how we can harness light to its maximum potential, in any space by creating new experiences to attract and engage individuals.

With the invention of artificial lighting, many things are made possible, such as an increased in productivity hours, and it allows us to stay alert for longer period of time, to come up with new ideas and to create progressive change to the world.


Lighting Design

Every space requires a unique lighting design, as everyone will have their own preferences and specification, therefore, lighting solution does not have a one size fits all formula.

This is when a lighting designer will come in to access the space and understand the clients’ needs and wants, before drafting up a plan that best suit the space and clients’ requirements, then the lighting designer will suggest the type of suitable lighting fixtures to be installed, to achieve the in intended effect.

Maximum Illumination

Upon studying of the space, lighting designer is able to advise on installation areas of light fixtures to achieve maximum illumination, yet minimise the number of lighting fixtures needed. The costs of engaging a lighting designer will far outweigh the costs of acquiring excess light fixtures and the maintenance for the lights.

Outlook of space

As with all things, we always seek for the best design and effect, the same goes of lighting design too. As much as illumination from LED light will take priority against any other factors, but we should not forget that creating a spectacular effect is equally important, as it will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

Lighting designers are able give appropriate suggestions on the type of light fixtures to install, to recreate the ambience that will affect the mood and experience of individuals under these lights.

At Paragon, we believe light is a powerful tool that can enhance the space and environment, used it right, it will accentuate the ambience of a space, and to create unforgettable memories or boost productivity.

If you are interested in transforming your space and changing the outlook of it for visitors and individuals, get in touch with us today, to understand more about it and how to make your space stand out from the rest.

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