• 13-01-2020

PARAGON – Hotel Downlight Series

Hospitality properties such as hotels, their main priority is to always ensure that guests feel safe and comfortable the moment they set foot onto the property. One such aspect that hoteliers should not missed out, is the effect of lighting and its layout.

Hotels today, holds a diversity of events, from daytime conference to evening ballroom wedding. It also has a wide range of facilities to manage: main lobby, restaurants, hallway, gym, guests’ rooms and meeting spaces. As such, it is critical to be able to adjust the lighting, to change the color of a space, and its ambience from ight and lively to warm and inviting, to suit the different time of the day.

Lightings in hotel is not only about having unique designs, but it is also about acquiring high quality light fixtures that is energy efficient and durable. As the most operators in the industry operate round-the-clock throughout the year, hotel operators are always on the lookout for opportunities to reduce their energy consumption, as lighting happens to be one component that makes up a significant percentage in energy consumption.

OSRAM, an international lighting solution provider, has conducted a study based on online reviews of lighting in hotels, and the result was startling. There were approximately 10,000 negative reviews pertaining to bad, sparse and dim lighting in hotel rooms. As such, PARAGON have release a line of different downlights specifically for hotels.


Hotels entertain different guests every day, and hoteliers are not able to control what guests do in their room, as such it is imperative to install lights that are able to withstand frequent and often forceful handling.
Hence it is vital, to install lights that are able to withstand the different input from users, from switching on/off and dimming function, as LED drivers and chip undergo immense stress when there is frequent fluctuation and in current and voltage input from the main supply.


As much as style and technology savvy lights, are becoming increasingly popular than ever, but at PARAGON we are always thinking on how we can make the lighting experience better for hoteliers, in terms of running and maintenance costs.
LED is become increasingly common and made available in a wide range of lighting solutions, although it doesn’t respond to every possible lighting requirement, but LED has offered increased design possibilities.
PARAGON focus has always been on creating light with high output and efficiency, which is why all our products are fitted with LED light source.

Light Output and Lighting Design

As mentioned in the research conducted by OSRAM, lighting is more than just creating a wow factor through design, it is about creating functional and practical lighting. One of the biggest complaints received was that rooms are insufficiently lit, to work, to put on make-up or to simply see. Therefore, lighting designers are here to assist hoteliers to light up guestrooms and common areas.

A hotel room is no longer just a place for guests to sleep, it has become a multifunctional room that allows guests to eat, work, relax and sleep, for that reason, the lighting scheme needs to reflect the various usage and generate the correct light level to meet the different usage.

PARAGON always believe in innovative illumination, and not just innovative hardware.

In our New Hotel Downlight Series, it is made available in a range of wattage and beam angle, we are confident that it will suit the different application that hoteliers are looking for.

If you require more specialist advice, our lighting design team will be here to provide any assistance that you require.

Specifications for PRH Series

Available in 3w, 5w, 7w, 12w

Beam Angle 10°, 23°, 36°

Color Temperature: 3000K / 4200K/ 6500K

Warranty: 3 Years

Hoteliers who wants to make an impact on your guests’ experience, contact us today and our friendly sales staff will be ready to assist you in selecting the perfect light for your premise.

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